“What Makes Me a Woman” –Saadia Seyd

3rd Place Poetry

Sitting in the bed one idle afternoon, looking in the mirror,

I asked myself for a millionth time, what makes me a woman?

Is it the role of a daughter, mother, wife, and a sister?

A heart that is selfless, kind, unconditional,

Generous, a giving soul.

Beauty that embarrasses the moon, warmth that melts the snow, or passion brighter than the fire.

Or to have no desire of my own and no hopes that are mine.

Is it the unlived moments, unseen dreams,

Giving up my life and goals for the greater good, and

living the life chosen for me by the loved ones or beloved.

Is it the same epic, eternal question Eve asked when she looked at Adam, I thought.

My heart, as stubborn and childish as it is,

smiled and whispered to me, “all that makes you human.”


You belong to yourself first; that’s what makes you a woman.