I Say to You Depressive Age – Cindy Daniels

I Say To You Depressive Age

By Cindy Daniels


Age comes quietly,

slipping up on one as soft

as many a summer breeze

or as silently as a winter snow;

and while I enjoy the bright, clean gleam

of the pure white remains

of a quiet snowfall…

the temperature of reality rises

and the beauty melts, leaving behind

a dripping, wet, noisy reminder

that is soon to be gone,

and only a memory will remain

for the few who can capture the vision

of what slips so quickly out of our sight.


The blanket of disparity that no strength can fight,

the smothering of darkness that

eludes the grip of one who seeks the light –

You cannot claim my soul.

It belongs somewhere beyond this eternity,

and though I have no control of the destiny,

You shall not…