Jerkwater by Angler


See how this has thrashed me so?

I’m cracked, you laugh,

And slacken your rope.


I crave the lofty luster

The pearl and the prize,

Not these vulgar frames.


But my brittle will breaks, veering,

Drift, slip, like a landslide,

And I’m soiled again.

Yellow-bellied and quivering.


Because this is not your war

My plights, my fights

Are they but jerkwater?


What of my cock-eyed leaning?

These fickle fears and scarlet years

Don’t they pass, unbent and unwound?


Does your cannon

Curb my taint?

I’m sick of your errant shots,

Your redwood pride

And cacophony.


You know nothing

By callow, or elect.

Where am I to go?

Once this was my home.


Brother, what about the concord,

What about the concord?