Searching – William Merkel


By William Merkel


A boy leaves home,

On a journey.

He was searching for something

But wasn’t sure what it was.

Was it adventure?

Or was it true love

Which he adored?

Only the gods knew the path that he would take.

He stowed away on a ship during the darkest part of the night.

He left without saying goodbye.

It didn’t hurt him to do it to parents,

But it pained him to leave the servants who he cared for deeply.

The butler, who could make him laugh at any time of day.

The cook, who could always make pranks with food,

And the kindly old maid who would listen and give advice.

He left due to an arranged marriage.

The girl he viewed as incompatible,

And ugly as a sow.

But parents would not hear him out.

The girl came from a prominent family.

His parents see this as opportunity to rise in society.

He just wants something more.

Will I find what I am looking for?

He wondered as the ship sailed off into the horizon.