Three Letter Killer – Faith Daniel

Three Letter Killer

By Faith Daniel


For years they’ve been looking but just cannot see

They think they understand but do not have a clue about me

Rumors, myths, all lies they tell on me

I’m a killer in disguise do not try to find me

I’m the shadow of the past they try to cover up

I regurgitate in their lives when it’s all the way up

When they think that it is safe I allow them to feel more secure

And as quiet as a lamb I sneak in their back door

Careless living, ignorance, promiscuity

Are just three ways you allow me to roam free

I warn them to leave they search for me blindly

I kill with no remorse; don’t try to find me

I silently seek through hidden dark veils

To see who I can catch next and when I do, I do not fail

I have many techniques to pull my victims

I roam the schools and Media

I oversee the system

Through peer pressure I cripple your son’s fragile mind

I’m a professional thief; I sneak in at any time

I’m a knowledgeable thief who knows all the locks

I’m as swift as a cat and as sly as a fox

The red represents all the lives that I’ve taken

A black mask because I leave a heavy burden

The old the young and even the babies too

I do not discriminate so the next victim could even be you

I do not care if you have game or your cornrows are tight

I do not care if you are black, yellow or white

I could care less if you’re a single mother who has worries and pain

I make sure I finish my job and my hard work isn’t in vain

I seek to supersede, to be king, I claim more power

By killing thousands of people in less than half an hour

I disguise myself as a pretty lady who looks like she can do no harm

As a macho man full of wisdom and lots of charm

It’s time for me to hibernate but I’ll be back and take much more

So please forget to stay safe and do not lock your door

Be free and ignorant buzz like a honey bee

Continue to know less and less about me

Let me get closer and maybe one day you’ll see

But it won’t be for long

Signed H.I.V.